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Get energy usage insights equipment wise, find out anomalies, Optimize energy usage and Enter Predictive Maintenance!

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We solve energy Efficiency Problems

Efficiency stands as a yardstick of a truly advanced civilization, and Enerzyz stands as your steadfast guardian, ensuring unwavering efficiency within your systems.




Kg CO₂ Savings

1320 MWH

Energy Savings


Efficiency increase*

How We Do

Harmonization of Technology

IoT Sensors

Sensors on the equipments or universal data logger collecting millions of data per second and transmitting to the cloud through MQTT Protocol.

Machine Learning Models

ML models continuously probing the data to find anomalies and logging every state change. Query Anything and Get Feedback from the AI.

Immersive Dashboard

Everything you need to make decisions, predictive analysis or let AI takes over your energy asset management for optimum performance.

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